Training Log Week 04-2022 (Race Week -29)

Training Log Week 04-2022 (Race Week -29)


Distance: 8,5 km

Time: 02h 45m


  • 3 sessions per week
  • Even endurance sets like 5*500 are becoming easy to bear and take much mental effort than in previous years


Distance: 132 km

Time: 04h 02m


  • 3 productive workouts
  • All workouts felt productive, I wasn’t at my limit
  • Fueling a 2 hr ride with self-made beta fuel without any issues


Distance: 36,85 km

Time: 02h 56m


  • First interval run in ages. 3:45 k pace is still alright
  • Long run pace is dropping to below 5min/km


  • Still no courage to do a proper speed set. Chickened out after 4*100


  • I am not as comfortable in my aero position as I would like to be, 2hr aero on trainer are tough


  • Not getting in that 4th run per week

This weeks diary

It was the week of sleep. Normally I have my alarm set at 5 am, every day of the week. On workdays I get up so early and either drive to the pool before getting to work or I start working at our kitchen table before the kid wakes up. Even when I have nothing in particular to attend to, I let the alarm ring at 5 to maintain a good habit. Or to simply have one cup of coffee per day in peace. On weekends its the wee hours in the morning where I can squeeze in a bigger session without having to sacrifice too much family time.

This week though I let my schedule slide. After a hard start to the week with a big vo2 workout on the bike, a big swim set and the first interval run workout in months I felt completely knackered. Setting my alarm to 6.30 and treating myself to another hour of quality sleep completely changed the rest of my week. So much that I did it again on Saturday.

Workouts were good. The interval run was a lot of fun, only lately I’ve been missing running hard. a set of 4*1000 was good for 3:45min/km average, on muddy trails. That’s a win in my book!

The bike was uneventful. I think I’ve hit my max bike volume for now and am not keen on raising my time on the turbo much beyond 4hrs. Maybe 4:30, but that’ll be it until I can put in bigger rides outdoors.

Swimming was fine, too. What was inconceivable for me in previous years – fighting for 3 sessions per week and getting them done – is now standard protocol. I am looking for more space in my calendar to fit in a 4th swim, but at this point I don’t think that would be possible. Maybe I have to talk to my boss about reducing working hours so I can swim more often.

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