Training Log – Week 01-22 (Race Week -32)

Training Log – Week 01-22 (Race Week -32)

Training Log: Race Week -32


Distance: 7,3 km

Time: 02h 30m


  • Technique improvements after video feedback – improved breathing
  • 10×100 on 2 in 1:33 average


  • Not reaching goals for weekly yardage, not a single session over 3k


Distance: 127 km

Time: 04h 00m


  • Benchmark workout TR „Shortoff“ (2*(3*2 Min) VO2 max) NP 6 watts over and HR 6 beats average below last time
  • Continued progress in VO2, threshold and Sweet Spot levels
  • Solid 2 hr endurance ride in aero


  • New aero position takes adapting


Distance: 36,34 km

Time: 03h 02m


  • 4 runs this week
  • Easy pace drops to below 5 min k


  • Workouts frequently interrupted by GI distress

This weeks diary

First week since the holidays where I really hit my targets. I’ve done 3 rides, 4 runs and 3 swims, which is pretty much what I aim for. After a brake check last week swimming is again on the up. Video feedback on slowtwitch brought a few issues to light. Most notably I turned my head backwards towards my shoulder when breathing. I think as a result of trying not to lift my head I overcompensated and this neck-turning threw me off balance and made me drop my hips a little. As soon as I was made aware of it I fixed it and immediately felt the effect – I am more stable, my kick is better balanced. And I am faster. Not sure whether it was the effect of a down-week before with extra rest, the effect of tech improvements or I just had a good day. But I swam a 10*100 set on 2 in an average of 1:33 (LCM).

Running is unremarkable, I am simply grinding away and try to gradually build mileage. Not worried about speed yet, but I can see my long and easy pace improving. I went ice skating with my daughter on Saturday and made sure to have my long run that same afternoon, fearful of sore legs the day after. So far all is well, I hope it stays that way.

The bike is still 100% on the trainer. I am progressing well in the high intensity areas and hit my vo2 and threshold workouts pretty hard. I also did a 2hr endurance ride, which went okay. It was a 5am workout on sunday, and as such I went into it underfueled. The first hour was tough and only bearable because my 4 year old kept me company. She took the opportunity to hang out in dad’s cave and watch snowboard videos with me. Second hour was when breakfast kicked in and the carbs made it all very okay.

Overall I am feeling much better than the weeks before. I was pretty beat up and it felt like the cold I caught lingered for longer than I had hoped for. I also had trouble with some slight knee and leg pain and general fatigue. All of this has gone away. I can’t tell what exactly made the difference, but as I am getting older and gain more experience I’ve come to accept that long distance training is like the race itself – full of inexplicable ups and downs. but the average trajectory continues upwards and that is all that counts.

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