Training Log 17/37

Training Log 17/37

Yours truly on race morning. Freezing my nuts off!

Time to pick up the weekly log again, because there´s work to be done and great many things to be written about. I am currently sitting in between the seasons – my triathlon-season is over, but it is not really off-season yet. For the next 6 weeks I’ve signed up for a half marathon, a full marathon and two 100k road bike races. Doesn’t sound like a great idea to cram so much stuff into what is supposed to be your off-season. But I don’t take these races too seriously, it´s more of a social occasion. After grinding all year mostly on my own, these late season races are great to be raced with my running friends. We´ll be racing the full and the half together and at least this weekends race I´ll be part of our company´s sponsored team. It is going to be great fun!

Progress this week wasn’t shabby. I recovered well from the cold, picked up my interval pace on the runs and managed to get some bike TSS together.

  • Monday – TrainerRoad Pettit, an easy recovery ride after Sundays half serious mountain bike ride.
  • Tuesday – Nothing
  • Wednesday – Running intervals, 3 * 3000. The half end of the month is not supposed to be an A race but I still want to do well and hence I try to sharpen up a bit with VO2 and tempo work. I aimed at 3000 in 11:45 but as often with intervals I got so excited that eventually my times were 11:35, 11:41 and 11:59. Equal times would have been nicer, but everything sub 12 is fine really.
  • Thursday – Looooooong work day, extra day of rest.
  • Friday – TrainerRoad Mount Field – 45 Minute sweet spot ride to get some blood in those quads before Sunday!
  • Saturday – 19.7k long and easy run, catching up on some podcasts and getting some distance in those legs. I was targeting a half marathon but had to run home quick. You know, no bushes in the park to hide behind.
  • Sunday – My first ever road bike race! Our PR department offered free slots to race and how could I say no? I´ll write a separate race report, for it´s enough that I rolled in along with the second pack and finished 100k in 2:34. Happy!
Workload 17/37

Weekly totals (time / distance / TSS):

  • Swim: 0/0/0
  • Bike: 138.3 / 4:24 / 253
  • Running: 32.3 / 2:47 / 183

Last weeks goals:

  1. Stick to half marathon plan: interval session on Tue, long run on Thu. – Done.
  2. One swim session. – Nope.
  3. One easy spin and get the road bike ready for Sunday’s Gran Fondo. – Done
  4. Have fun on Sunday’s 100k Gran Fondo – Oh yes!

Goals for next week:

  1. Three runs – 400s, long one and one with my girls
  2. Swim.
  3. Stretch an roll


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