Recap Week 51

Recap Week 51

Training Diary Week 51/2017. A week in the name of recovery.

I completed my Sweet Spot Base 1 plan. The workouts last week were all low intensity steady state recovery rides and I swapped the road for the TT bike. That taught me two things: My aero position was too aggressive and I have to start spending time in aero right away. Couldn’t hold it for longer than 10 minutes even at very low intensity. So I guess it is time to start riding more in aero and on the triathlon bike in general to get used to it, double check my position and do some strength and mobility work for my arms and shoulders. I am excited to retest my FTP agin and see what the past 6 weeks have delivered, but it has become clear that just improving FTP will not be enough if I can put the horsepower on the road.

Running wasn’t intense, but spectacular. I went on a business trip to Nice and could check out the run course for IM 70.3 along the mediterranean. Before I left I imagined a run in the warm french sunlight along the promenade du anglais. Didn’t work out that way, when I arrived I was greeted by strong winds and 4°C. Oh dear. Hopelessly ill-equipped I decided to wait for Thursday morning to run and even then when the wind had died down I had to take my down jacket. Very cold, but also rewarded with a sunrise over the sea. It was only y an easy paced 10k, followed up by another easy paced 10k on sunday.

Swimming fell kind of short this week. I had a very good session on Monday, but only that one. I feel like I am slowly getting back in swimming form, but also that my current volume and frequency is not enough to improve. Need to ramp up.

Last weeks targets

  • TrainerRoad Pettit 60 min – Done
  • TrainerRoad Bald Knob 60 min – Done
  • TrainerRoad Brasstown 90 min – Done.
  • Longish run (>15k) in Nice, France on the Ironman course – Almost done (10.5k)
  • Swim workout focusing on technique – long and complete strokes – Done.
  • Swim workout medium intense intervals – Nope

Next weeks targets

  • FTP Retest
  • TrainerRoad Ebbetts
  • TrainerRoad Kaweah
  • Long easy run (15k+)
  • Interval Run (5*1000)
  • Tech swim workout*
  • Tempo swim workout*

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