Check In – Final 5

Check In – Final 5

Here we are 5 weeks out! I’ve had an okay week recently, not doing quite as much as I was hoping for because of terrible weather. Went for a long-ish ride yesterday and aimed at 4.5 to 5 hours, but in heavy wind and rain I called it a day after 3:45. No point in grinding myself down, risking illness or an accident. You see, the one thing I excel at is finding an excuse to train a little less than what I’m supposed to do. I’m also quite unsure about my riding, geoing through my data last night I feel like I’ve hit a pretty flat plateau. Sure, I wasn’t able to lift my weekly bTSS and my FTP remains unchanged, and this also shows itself in my outdoor performance. Thank god I’ve got a pretty decent w/CdA and w/kg because my raw watts are poor. It seems that since I’ve moved to my peak phase training prgress came to a halt. Of course, being able to dish out a solo 100k ride without batting an eyelid is alright, but over my past 5 outdoor rides my NP/hr hasn’t changed at all eventhough I tried pushing a bit here and there. Next big ride will be Roth next Sunday, where I’ll stand in for an injured rider to complete a full distance relay. For me that’s my main test ride and I’ll cut my recovery week short for it and see how things go.

Terrible conditions for a long TT ride Sunday. Cold, wet, slow and dangerous.

My run though is coming along nicely. Did a 30k on Friday and it went as smoothly as 30k’s go. I chose a 10k loop from my house so that I could stop for a gel and some water each loop, which worked well. Finally, I feel like I can do the marathon come raceday. I’ll probably walk the walk aid stations to make sure I get enough water and food down, but Friday was a 5:41 pace and it felt reasonably comfortable.

My swim sucked last week. Coming off the race three weeks ago I was on top of my game and then allowed myself some slack, but I really really need to up my volume over the final weeks. I haven’t done a session >3k and my weekly volume hasn’t exceeded 7k once. This week will be good for swimming, I’ll be in Bucharest for 2.5 days and my assistant found a hotel with pool, so I can swim a lot while traveling.

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