Recap 18/03

Recap 18/03

2018 Week 3 – It is not about being hard, it is about being effective and determined to reach your goal. When your body tells you to slow down for a few days, listen.

Total TSS: 94   Total Time: 1 hr 12 min  TSS/Hour: 78,3

Last week was all about listening to my body. My daughter had her first day in daycare and promptly brought a runny nose home with her. Now and then she sleeps in our bed with us and being a good daughter she made sure to share the experience with me. In the middle of the night she sneezed right into my face a few times and here I am feeling like crap. Before I caught the cold I had one interval trainer session and a short easy run, and both went well. I also had a proper core workout, when I ripped out the old carpets in our new house.

So nothing really to write about, only a few things to look forward to: I bought a power meter and will soon compare power meter with virtual power and update my number accodingly. And I reactivated my TrainingPeaks account and got a 70.3 advanced plan to help with swimming and running periodization and focus. It´ll be great. I´ll take the next days on my couch to figure my plan out and maybe post an update next week.

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