Recap 18/01

Recap 18/01

2018 Week 1 – How do I improve in all three disciplines? I don´t. Focus on one discipline and master it. I´ll start with the bike.

Total TSS: 442   Total Time: 6 hr 46 min  TSS/Hour: 65,3

The new year is here and it is going to be great one! I started off pretty awful, my legs were still in a very bad shape at new years. The worlds most horrible quad sore eventually went away though and I could carefully begin to work out again. I had a good 60 minutes VO2-max workout on Tuesday that felt harsh but not doable. Thursday however I planned to get in a sweet spot ride early before work and I couldnt hit my numbers even a little bit. Very discouraging. After 15 minutes I switched to an easier workout and threw in another additional easy one on Friday to make up for the missed TSS. On Saturday another workout with 6*8 minute sweet was waiting for and that one went down like a creamy milkshake. It was by no means easy, but I got through the entire workout hitting my power numbers and maintaining good form. No idea what the reason might have been. Not enough recovery on Wednesday? The lack of coffee before my early morning workout? I don´t know, really, but it is weird to have these massive swing within days, I´d say between Thursday and Saturday there was 25% difference in form and performance.

I swam twice, two sets focused on power and speed. It is slowly coming along, my pace seems to settle in at around 1:40 100´s, with my 100m sprints coming close to 1:30. I timed my 50 kick at 2:12 I believe.

Only one run, a mere 10k with a slight variation in pace. Nothing fancy, but with two swim sets and four bike sets I just couldn´t do more. Also the weather sucked balls. One thing that I realized on the bike was that my running intervals don´t need to be all out efforts. Why can´t I cruise 1000s at a reasonable but quick pace? Works on the bike, why shouldn´t it work on the run? I´ll give it a try next week, something like 8*1000s @4:15 and see how that feels.

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